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We actually did start up again on 4/12

Posted by Adam Weber on Friday, 15 April, 2011

As posted previously, we officially resumed work on Hackberry Hollow this last Tuesday. Currently we are re-reading the entire story that we have so far with fresh eyes and marking the entire thing up with notes for things we need to fix, improve or smack each other upside the head for including.

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Starting up again on 4/12

Posted by Adam Weber on Saturday, 2 April, 2011

Greetings loyal blog readers. If you’re reading this post on the day it was created then it’s probably a safe bet that you’re a loyal reader. Glen and I unanimously agreed to wait until the 2nd of April to post this as opposed to yesterday for reasons that are probably self apparent.

Given that the crunch to complete the software for The Animation Academy’s online program is behind us, and I’m officially graduating from college next week, we now have our ducks in a row to resume working on Hackberry Hollow on Tuesday, April 12th. That’ll give me a very badly needed vacation for two days.

Hopefully that’s soon enough to soothe my writing withdrawals.

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