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Announcement of an Impending Announcement

Posted by Glen Moyes on Saturday, 27 November, 2010

As we announce a future blog post that will announce a future announcement, we are actually announcing two announcements today. The first announcement is announcing the aforementioned announcement, and the second announcement is that we are trying to use the word “announcement” as many times as possible in this announcement.

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Concept Art Gallery Added

Posted by Glen Moyes on Friday, 19 November, 2010

Because we’ve been working so hard on getting the script for Hackberry Hollow done for our test audience, all of the concept art has been pushed off the home page. It is high time that we set up a gallery so you can quickly view the best artwork created during pre-production so far.

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Status Report: The Whole Buffalo

Posted by Glen Moyes on Saturday, 13 November, 2010

This graph appears to suggest that things have been going slow, but that’s far from the truth. The past few weeks have been full of Quadrant I stuff. In addition to that we’ve also been busy working on our other Hackberry Hollow project: alternate sources of revenue.

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Midway through the script (and 3D-Coat)

Posted by Glen Moyes on Saturday, 6 November, 2010

We hit our halfway mark for the script writing process. It’s coming along!

We would also like to announce that when counting the number of completed chapters, one of us has to remove their shoes. Obviously we will need to change our methodology once we pass 40 chapters, and then once again when we pass 42 chapters, but for now this is working for us.

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