We actually did start up again on 4/12

Posted by Adam Weber on Friday, 15 April, 2011 at 11:38 pm

As posted previously, we officially resumed work on Hackberry Hollow this last Tuesday. Currently we are re-reading the entire story that we have so far with fresh eyes and marking the entire thing up with notes for things we need to fix, improve or smack each other upside the head for including.

In addition, we have a third person on the writing team now who is bringing his acting experience to the table and with it, his experience in creating characters. He is currently reading through our scripts and notes, and soon will help us get our dialog working. This should take it from what was said to how it’s said, and bring the character’s individuality into their speech.

It probably goes without saying that everyone involved is really REALLY happy to get working on this again. (insert happy face here for good measure)

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