Environmental Concept Art 6

Posted by Shane Janz on Tuesday, 28 July, 2009 at 1:51 pm

Yay for more color studies! I know you’ve all been looking forward to them!


An important part of figuring out how a scene may look is by painting it in multiple lighting and atmospheric conditions. This is the first location shown in the comic, right in the beginning of chapter 1. In that chapter we only show this location during late afternoon and sunset, but we wanted to experiment so we created a few more color studies for summer, fall, and nighttime shots. It helps us to understand just how we want to handle the color that will be associated with this particular environment. The hardest part was the sunrise and sunset. Glen and I spent quite a while deliberating over how to handle it. Especially since light does funny things around those times of day. The color of the sky really does determine how light reflects off of everything that we see around us.

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