Avast me hearties!

Posted by Adam Weber on Saturday, 19 September, 2009 at 12:37 pm

As many of you know, September 19th is celebrated as “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate something that is notably absent from Hackberry Hollow.

The story does include pirates, but these are otherwise ordinary people who were forced into a life of crime; far from the goofy scallywags often depicted, but not immune to their own kind of mishaps. We found that just about every possible gag or concept that can be done with “Hollywood Pirates” has been done somewhere in one form or another. When we decided to throw that out and do our own take on what modern-day pirates are like, they not only became far more interesting, but more entertaining and less predictable.

That’s not to say that Hollywood Pirates don’t exist in this world. They do, but their shift ends at 5 and they go home.

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